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You should always know not to f**k around with thieves.

Posted on Jul, 29th, 2017 by Kaitlyn with 0 comments

Well hello little love bugs! I just wanted to keep y’all update with a few things.

For starters I wanna mention a few special people that helped make this new theme what it is. Thank you Kayla for the stylesheet I used and thank you Kaitlyn for the ribbon used in my sidebar.

I wanted to go with a more minimilistic theme with my favorite color. So that’s what I did. I hope you enjoy it for it’s simplicity.

Next I wanted to let y’all know that the webstore is OPEN however I am currently only taking a select number of small orders. Feel free to message me on Facebook to see if I have an openings and to place an order!

All current content updates are listed in the sidebar. More content to come so keep your eyes peeled!

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