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6 Taylor Seto Cutouts 32 tumblr style timeline covers 8 actor/actress timeline covers

<< 08/26/2018 >>

7 coloring psds 8 movie timeline covers 6 music timeline covers 2 actor/actress timeline covers
1♡♡ kayla // loveblush 2♡♡ hailey // lemieuxx 3------ 4------ 5------

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All preview .PSDs werwe made by unless stated otherwise. I do not own any images used to create the “coloring” previews.


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♥ Do not redistribute, sell, or claim as your own

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Click each file you wish to download and save it where you can find it. Open it in Photoshop and start editing. Everything is labeled and organized to make it very easy to use. If you have any questions about usage please message me.

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