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6 Taylor Seto Cutouts 32 tumblr style timeline covers 8 actor/actress timeline covers

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7 coloring psds 8 movie timeline covers 6 music timeline covers 2 actor/actress timeline covers
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Kayla at

How old are you?
27, August 30
When did you start in the Site World?
“2005-ish is as far back as I can find old content”
How long have you had Loveblush?
“I opened it June 2017”
What other sites have you owned?
“,,, and a few other old ones”
What’s your favorite part of being a site owner?
“Helping people and it’s fun”
What’s some advice for people new to the SW/coding/design?
“Be patient. You don’t learn everything at once. It takes a lot of time and practice”