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Date Posted: August 2018
Created By: Katie
Version #: 01

Katie Christine

Hello! I’m glad y’all found my little piece of the web. I’m Katie, I’m a 20-something year old waitress & bartender who’s been using graphic/web design as a creative outlet since 2001.

the more you know…

  • My birthday is October 23 1992
  • I’ll be getting married on September 24 2018
  • I live in Pennsylvania.
  • I have 4 half sisters and one step sister (I am the oldest, and my dads only child)
  • I currently have 9 piercings, I use to have 11
  • I have 3 tattoos… so far…

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  • I’ve been at my job since 2016. I’m a server/bartender/host/trainer/carside/… basically whatever the want me to be that day.
  • My husband also works at the same restaurant. That’s where we met!
  • I love animals more then I like most people
  • I’m a hippie, a tree-hugger, a flower child, a child of the moon, whatever you want to call me. I love mother earth and what she can provide for us if we would only let her. She knows what she’s doing, she’s been doing it much longer then we’ve been around.
  • My style is an odd combination of everything, honestly I am whatever I feel I am that day
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